EP #016: Awkward Sex Mishaps, Mooning, and Feeling Stuck

Amy starts off this episode getting right into the fun and sass, by prompting Andrea to, “Tell me your awkward sex stories.” Talk of a bean bag chair sex mishap, an herbal ecstasy fail, and a pyrotechnic pillow ensues. Andrea then shares about the time she decided to moon the Vegas strip, at 10am in the morning, in broad daylight in protest of a wicked hangover. 

Eventually, they get around to answering a question about feeling stuck from avid listener Jane Donut. Jane writes, “Now I feel desperately stuck. I’m so very, very clear that I need to get out, but I have no idea how, or what that looks like. Please help!” 

Additional Resources: 
POD #287: Breaking Free From a Shitty Job

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