EP #015: Pom-Pom Pubes, Resting Frown Face, and Imposter Syndrome

This week, Amy and Andrea ponder the question, “What’s your quarantine shaving routine like?” Amy shares that she has been keeping up with maintenance somewhat, including shaving her delicates and leaving a landing strip for good measure, just like any self-respecting Gen-Xer would do. Andrea, on the other hand, is angry that pom-pom pubes (you know, the tufts of hair that hang out of your bathing suit) are not socially acceptable. Before they dive into a self-help question, Amy provides an update on her issue with her resting frown face. Don’t worry; she is trouble-shooting the issue. Her two-step plan to overcome frown face includes face diapers. She has everything under control. They finally answer a self-help question from one-named wonder, Vart. Vart wants to know what she can do to overcome imposter syndrome. They gotchu, Vart, they really do. 

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