EP #014: Vaginal Weightlifting, Milk Jug Injuries, and Top 10 To-Do’s During This Shit Time

Amy and Andrea begin by sharing their thoughts on a lame podcast review (whomp, whomp!) and how Andrea is practicing some life-coaching skills by leaning into her feelings. Vaginal weightlifting is then discussed. Oh yes, that is a thing. They then move into a middle-aged conversation. So, have you ever injured your shoulder by taking off your sports bra? Welllll, one of these two ladies has, listen to find out which one. Andrea also shares about the time she threw out her back while picking up a gallon of milk. 🤦‍♀️  Amy has some middle-aged news of her own, as she finds herself doing whatever she can to avoid wearing compression socks. 🧦  They finish out the episode by sharing their Top 10 List of To-Do’s (not to be confused with their Top Ten List of To-Don’ts); to help you maneuver your way through these shit times. 

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