EP #013: Varts, Tampons, and Constant Comparison

This week, Amy and Andrea begin by confessing their adoration for NASH-P listeners who have shared their period poop stories with them. Awww…..they love you and your stories! Then, a conversation about vaginal flatulence, aka varting, is revisited, which leads to a more in-depth discussion about tampons. That’s when Andrea realizes, with the help of Amy and a WikiHow article, that she has been inserting tampons all wrong for 30-years. 🤦‍♀️ 
Amy talks about that one time when she had to wear compression garments and how it led to the creation of obstacle-free pooping. And yes, of course, they eventually do answer a personal development question – about constant comparison. 

Additional Resources:
Not Another Self-Help Podcast on Instagram
Vaginal Flatulence on Wikipedia

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