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EP #010: Butthole Coughing, Vaginas, and Your Future Self

Amy and Andrea are back! They start off Season 2 by sharing their Top Ten List of To-Don’ts During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Including, don’t cough in each other’s buttholes, don’t buy any coronavirus test kits from Craigslist, and don’t cut your bangs (seriously, don’t even think about it). Amy then throws back to Episode 1 and provides an update about her blue dildo, “Hey Mr. DJ.” Andrea uses Amy’s story to segue into a conversation about vagina candles and vaginal boogers. This is a class-act show, people. Class-act. They finally (eye-roll) offer empty-nester, Ms. Jen Good-ChisChis, some advice on how to focus on where she wants to go and what she wants to do with her life.

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