BONUS EP #018: NASH-P Updates, Turd Burgling, and Middle Aged Injuries

Amy and Andrea are back with a mixed bag, bonus episode! And well, the future of NASH-P is looking pretty damn grim. They start off the show by sharing what did and did not happen when they pitched a podcast media company. They then move on to discuss their various interactions with human poop. You’ll hear all about young Amy’s turd burgling experience. They then take a trip down memory lane and offer updates on topics NASH-P listeners know and love, like, an update from Andrea about the worst diarrhea drink ever and how Amy finally received the face diaper to fix her resting frown face. Middle aged injuries also make a comeback. Finally, they offer some thoughtful advice about getting consent before flashing your butt, your boobs, or your pom-pom pubes. And with that, they sign off from the pod for an unknown amount of time. So for now, yes, this is the end. No seriously. This is the end. Bye, bye.

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