EP #008: Juvenile Delinquents, Streaking, and Uncomfortable Conversations

In the final episode of Season 1 (but don’t worry, a bonus episode is in the works), Andrea and Amy share their most “juvenile delinquent” stories from their teenage years; including Andrea’s pool hopping and Amy’s naked run through the Redlands. Plus, Amy recollects a story that includes her husband (aka Mr. Smith), a Vespa and some lotion. Oh, period poop talk makes a quick comeback (and honestly, it’s probably not the last time). Eventually A + A get around to answering a question about how to have hard or uncomfortable conversations with friends. 

Also, Andrea and Amy tell you how you can join one or both of their coaching programs. Their programs are real and life-changing; but sadly, there is no talk of period poop unless that’s one of your life challenges and you need some coaching on it.

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