EP#000 – Expectations, Bad Reviews, + a Sneak Peek

Coming soon to a smartphone or device near you, it’s Not Another Self-Help Podcast! [Insert raucous audience applause 👏👏👏] In a world where life is hard (UGH!), Amy E. Smith and Andrea Owen dish up no-BS life advice to their listeners with a side dose of comedy.

In the inaugural trailer episode, Amy and Andrea talk about expectations: including what you can anticipate from the show and what they expect when it comes to podcast reviews; the good, the bad and the ugly. Plus, our podcast producer (who will now be known as Jessica Grossweiner) has put together some highlights from the first few episodes for your listening pleasure. 

This isn’t your average self-help podcast. I mean… come on, isn’t it more fun to listen in and laugh along with your hosts, all while learning about things like establishing boundaries, shifting your negative self-talk, and dealing with those pesky nose hairs? Of course it is.

Molly Jenson Voice Talent